Ithaka Institut

Research Pyrolysis & the Craft of Char Making

Kon-Tiki flame curtain pyrolysis

While most of the biochar produced during the last 5000 years was produced with open fire, modern pyrolysis suppresses the fire. The separation of the carbonisation and the flaming of the pyrolysis gases make pyrolysis technology prone to failure and expensive which is one of the reasons why the biochar technology did not have yet it's breakthrough.  The Kon-Tiki flame curtain kiln re-connect biochar making to the ancient wisdom and craft of fire making and combines it with smart design based on modern thermodynamics to produce high quality char with low emissions.

Pyreka - Research Pyrolysis

The Pyreka was developed by the Ithaka Institute in cooperation with Pyreg GmbH.  This  research pyrolysis system is capable of producting biochar from all sort of biomass and blending. Controlling all important pyrolysis parameters like temperature, gas flow, residence time and active out-gassing, we are able to custom create biochar with a wide variety of characteristics.