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Kon-Tiki flame curtain pyrolysis

The democratisation of biochar production

While most of the biochar produced during the last 5000 years was produced with open fire, modern pyrolysis suppresses the fire. The separation of the carbonisation and the flaming of the pyrolysis gases make pyrolysis technology prone to failure and expensive which is one of the reasons why the biochar technology did not have yet it's breakthrough.  The Kon-Tiki flame curtain kiln re-connect biochar making to the ancient wisdom and craft of fire making and combines it with smart design based on modern thermodynamics to produce high quality char with low emissions.


Download the presentation of the Kon-Tiki technology



and enjoy the following films. Further detailed information will follow soon in the Biochar Journal and here on the website.


 Some more supplemental material about experiments with different designs and techniques:

 Here a short video about the efficiency of the rim shield to avoid smoke emissions


and here the lastest video from Ithaka Australia with skipper Paul Taylor


What is it worth to you that the Kon-Tiki exists and that the production of biochar is now at the hand of every farmer, every where in the world?

Think about a modest donation to the Ithaka Institute to cover the cost of developing and testing the Kon-Tiki, to make it known to the world and to further improve it’s design.