Ithaka Institut

The Ithaka Institute

The Ithaka Institute is an international open-source network for carbon strategies. It is a non-profit research foundation with the Headquarter in Europe having independent offices in Germany, the USA, and Nepal. In the last decade, Ithaka became a leading research collaboration for carbon sequestration and cycling through agronomic methods. The Institute is known for its expertise in production, post-production treatment, and use of biochar. Ithaka established the European Biochar Certificate and developed numerous biochar based products. We are engaged in several food security, soil fertility, and reforestation projects in Eastern Asia and Latin America.

The Ithaka Institute offers carbon intelligent solutions including the use of carbon-positive building materials, increased biomass production in the urban environment, fostering biodiversity, improving green water cycles and promoting carbon recycling.

Network of unconventional thinkers

The Ithaka Institute's team is made up of people who are not just specialized in their respective disciplines, but who, as in an ecosystem, are tightly linked with each other, forming a knowledge network.

The research foundation's laboratories and greenhouses are located in Zurich but also in the forest and gardens of the world, where practical methods and strategies for an ecologically and economically sustainable carbon farming culture are being developed. The comprehensive master plan ranges from soil activation, nutrient cycling and carbon sequestration to ecostabilisation through biodiversity and mixed cultures and testing smart material cycles and alternative ways of producing bioenergy.

The Ithaka Institute disseminates most of its findings not only to interested groups but also to the general public through education, consultations, publications and the media.

To understand an ecosystem, especially from a scientific point of view, we need to take a step forwards, looking at the whole system from the inside.