Ithaka Institut

Biochar consulting

We provide consultancy services to biochar companies and biochar users to improve, control and guaranty biochar quality. We create new biochar based products to help open new markets for your biochar. We advise policy makers on sustainable production and use of biochar and provide consultancy to urban planners, public administration, farmers and the new bio-based economy to identify carbon intelligent methods to improve the climate balance in rural, urban and industrial settings. The Ithaka Institute advises all major European biochar producers and manufacturers of pyrolysis plants.

For biochar producers

  • Developing and producing special biochars from special feedstocks and blends
  • Biochar Characterization
  • Certification – for producers seeking certification under the European Biochar Certificate
  • Optimization of production parameters, post-production treatment, and contaminent reduction
  • Cascading Uses – develop customized cascading use scenarios which provide both environmental & economic value to biomass producers.

For biomass producers

(e.g. farmers, foresters, landscapers, food processors, communities, colleges, etc.)

  • Level I: Biomass Review - discuss underutilized biomass for biochar potential including quantity, quality, yield potential, local needs & marketing potential [up to 3 hours]
  • Level II: Carbonization Assessment – convert biomass into biochar, perform characterization & interpret results (clients may desire multiple iterations under different production parameters)
  • Level III: Product Design – identify different carbonized products which could be created using the producer's specific biomass; develop & test products 


Closed Loop Biochar Production & Modeling

  • Level I: Biomass Review - discuss underutilized biomass for biochar potential including quantity, quality, yield potential
  • Level II: Eco-System Review –eco-system assessment; identify & prioritize areas for biochar and other by-product uses within eco-system
  • Level III: Closed Loop Design - design optimized production model for carbonizing biomass and utilizing all by-products within producer's eco-system including identification of potential thermochemical conversion technology and post production needs.
  • Additional options: Cost Benefit Assessment, Local/Regional Market Assessment


Product Licensing

  • Green Building Trade – we have developed a biochar plaster, biochar bricks and various other biochar building materials already in use in a few initial building demonstrations in Switzerland
  • Livestock Feed – we have created several biochar based feed products for livestock currently on the market in Switzerland
  • Terra Preta Substrates - we have developed various biochar based soil substrates for urban gardening, special cultures, tree planting and street water filtrating biobeds


Projects on our radar

Carbon Intelligent Cities
Water Filtration
Soil Remediation 
Disaster Management