Ithaka Institut

Winegrowing and climate farming consultancy

Our winegrowing consultants are at hand to support winegrowers in introducing ecological methods to their vineyards. We provide advice on ways of increasing biodiversity, on green soil cover strategies adapted to local climate and terroir, on biological soil activation and plant protection, on pro-climate winegrowing measures, nutrient recycling and natural winemaking.

In 2009, we established the Delinat guidelines for organic winegrowing with high biodiversity and provided during the last years support to almost 100 wine-growers in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Portugal. In 2014 we transferred most of the consulted winegrowing companies back to Delinat. Since then we focus our consulting on few vanguard projects and vineyards. If you have new projects and ideas about climate positive winegrowing in high biodiversity and natural winemaking, we are happy to help you realizing them.       

For more information, please consult our consultancy page on or contact us personally.