Ithaka Institut


The Ithaka consultancy work constitutes the interface between research and practice at the Ithaka Institute. Knowing by doing and by experience needs to complement the scientific method. The proof as to whether scientific lab assumptions and beautiful world-saving theories are correct lies in their practice on the ground.

Biochar consulting

We provide consultancy services to biochar companies and biochar users to improve, control and guaranty biochar quality. We create new biochar based products to help open new markets for your biochar. We advise policy makers on sustainable production and use of biochar and provide consultancy to urban planners, public administration, farmers and the new bio-based economy to identify carbon intelligent methods to improve the climate balance in rural, urban and industrial settings. The Ithaka Institute advises all major European biochar producers and manufacturers of pyrolysis plants.

Winegrowing and climate farming consultancy

Our winegrowing consultants are at hand to support winegrowers in introducing ecological methods to their vineyards. We provide advice on ways of increasing biodiversity, on green soil cover strategies adapted to local climate and terroir, on biological soil activation and plant protection, on pro-climate winegrowing measures, nutrient recycling and natural winemaking.