Ithaka Institut

Pyreka - Forschungspyrolysis

The Pyreka was developed by the Ithaka Institute in cooperation with Pyreg GmbH.  This  research pyrolysis system is capable of producting biochar from all sort of biomass and blending. Controlling all important pyrolysis parameters like temperature, gas flow, residence time and active out-gassing, we are able to custom create biochar with a wide variety of characteristics.

The Pyreka uses a mid size continuous feed thermochemical conversion technology ideally suited for university research labs. This rotary kiln can process a wide variety of biomass with a high level of temperature control (i.e. within .5°C between 20°C - 850°C) and variable residence time (i.e. 7 min to 3 hours). The unit has a throughput capacity of 1 kg per hour. It enables us especially to rapidly test the suitability of a wide range of feedstock and blendings for specially designed biochars.  


Pyreka Main Features: 

Continous feed rotary kiln
Variable residence time
Gas flow regulation
Preheated inert gas flow  
Active out gassing
Vapor quenching
Internal sampling ports
Gas and condensation sampling

Additional features: 

Production of activated biochar
Nutrient charging during cooling at different temperatures

Dimensions: 170cm x 90cm x 150cm

The Pyreka system is specially designed for research institutes and can be purchased via Pyreg GmbH.