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World of Kon-Tiki

For many years countless individuals, be they farmers, foresters or those looking to offset their carbon footprint, have been waiting to produce significant amounts of biochar easily by themselves or at least to buy it at reasonable prices. The Kon-Tiki fulfills this desire, this longing for self-sufficiency and for closed loop nutrient recycling. How else can we explain the explosive interest in the Kon-Tiki, which has already been built in two dozen countries within only a few short months after the first kiln was built in Valais, Switzerland?

Thanks to the open source plans developed and made available by Ithaka, we have been in contact with many different manufacturers. We were able to incorporate not only their experiences, lessons learned and best practices in the development of design, but also to create a growing Kon-Tiki world map showing where Kon-Tikis are popping up around the globe. Although we are still awaiting photos or approval from some of the more recent Kon-Tiki community members, we already have examples from 6 different continents! Impressive not only for its diversity, but for the wonderful fact that such a Kon-Tiki movement has arisen, allowing the biochar movement to proceed with increased speed and an increased sense of community.
We encourage all those that have been inspired by the Kon-Tiki design, to send us pictures of your own Kon-Tiki or flame cap kiln as well as your experiences and new ideas so that we can add your voice, pictures and experiences to the Kon-Tiki world map.

World map of Kon-Tiki

List of the > 80 countries where biochar is already made with Kon-Tiki systems. If we forgot a country, please write us and send a photo, we will then add it to the list.